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About The Artist

Hi, I'm Bridget.

hey there.

Thank you for allowing me to tell your story.
So, while we're prepping to tell yours, let me tell you a little of mine.

I was born and raised in the heart of the United States– Omaha, Nebraska. From about the age of six, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller. The format, though, always changed. It wasn't until about fourteen when I knew I wanted to tell stories with cameras and art. It was at that time I had also found a love for theatre and YouTube. I tried both, failed, but eventually found a way to use both to help me grow as a creator. I went to school for Film & New Media at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film at the University of Nebraska, another place that allowed me to grow. While there, I went abroad to Ireland, and as I graduated, I moved down to Florida to become a photographer at Walt Disney World. These events have shaped my world view immensely and have helped me become a stronger photographer, designer, and videographer. 

There's a small snapshot of my story, now let's go make snapshots of yours.

- Bridget 


Awards /

DPI Photo of the Week (x10 2015-2019)
DPI Photo of the Month (December 2017)
JCSTF Nebby Award – Best Editing (2015)
JCSTF Honorary Masquer (2015)
Scholastic Gold Key - Port. Photo. (2011)
UNO 1st Place - Student Life Photo. (2011)
JEA Superior - Videography (2010)


Client List /

Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Really Spicy Opera
Britney Does It Better
Omaha Public Library
Death & Pretzels Theatre Company
Nox Arca Theatre
UNL Theatrix
UNL Textiles & Fashion Design Dept. 
Omaha Children's Museum
Nebraska Repertory Theatre